Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday Meal: Teriyaki Salmon and Broccoli Packets

     Last week I promised I would post a simple, mid-week recipe. I will do that here shortly. I'm a huge fan of this type of recipe. There's a minimal amount of ingredients, it's super-easy to make, and cleaning up is a breeze. I need that from a mid-week meal. Most of the time, when I get home it's a battle to simply not pile the wife in the car and go out to eat. As awesome as that would be, it would get expensive. We'd also both weigh about 350 pounds each.

With our combined gravities, we shall control the tides!
       That's one of the benefits of this recipe. It is very low in calories, especially if you don't serve rice with it. The sodium is probably a bit high from the teriyaki sauce, but not bad.  If you're watching the money, any brand of teriyaki is fine. When available, I use Soy-Vay.  I find the flavor is better than anything else that I've tried.  As far as cost, if you're willing to buy frozen, it's possible to buy a pound of salmon for under five bucks. The packs usually come in four individually packaged fillets, which I find terribly helpful. Take what you need, everything else stays in the freezer. As for the broccoli, don't feel tied down to that vegetable. I often substitute slices of squash or zucchini. You could pretty much put in any vegetable and it would be fine.  I'm giving you the recipe for a single serving, since they're packaged in foil individually. Enjoy!


  • 4 ounce fillet of salmon 
  • 1 heaping cup broccoli florets (frozen is fine)
  • 3 tablespoons teriyaki sauce 
  • Square of tinfoil
  1. Preheat oven to 375F
  2. Lay salmon (if it has skin, skin side down) on a large square of tinfoil
  3. Spread broccoli over top of salmon
  4. Pour teriyaki over broccoli and salmon
  5. Fold foil into packet around ingredients, making sure it's going to hold in the sauce
  6. Cook 20-25 minutes or until fish flakes easily
  7. Serve over steamed white rice (if you want)

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