Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tools of the trade: Knives

     No kitchen is complete without some good knives. However, good knives cost good money. Unless you  were smart enough to put a nice set on your wedding registry or get them as a gift, you can expect to drop some fairly notable coin.

     If you truly want to make a statement with your cash, most people would agree that Japanese knives are the way to go. Seeing as the Japanese have been making quality cutlery for the last 500-750 years, you figure they have the whole knife making process down. 
I hear you have an onion problem.

   There is no doubt that Misono and Masamoto are incredible tools. However, they can cost up and over $1,500 for a single knife. Granted, you could work in the kitchen all week and still use the thing to decapitate a cow, but that's just showing off.  So what do I use in my middle class kitchen? What's my go-to knife?

      The Yoshi Blade.  Yes, the one from the TV. I don't care what the Amazon reviews say, this is one of the best knives in my kitchen. For $20 you get a ceramic knife that is irresponsibly sharp. You also get a peeler that can probably be used for shaving.  I've had it for almost two years and it is still crazy sharp.  For most veggies and meats, this knife has no peer in my kitchen. Granted, my other knives are Shappu 2000's and Ginsu, so I'm not setting the bar terribly high. 

    Is the knife perfect? Far from it. Since it's ceramic, you can't use it on glass or marble surfaces. Wood, bamboo or plastic only. You can't put it in the dishwasher. You can't chop with it (or at least you're not supposed to. I chop with it regularly with no issues). You can't cut frozen foods. You can't cut bone. You can not pry or twist with this knife.  Any of these things will chip or break the blade. You certainly don't want to drop one of these. If it hits the floor there's a good chance it will break. Or stick in your foot. 

     What it WILL do is cut the hell out of most fruits, vegetables and meats. It will cleanly dice onions and butterfly a chicken breast. 

     I don't have an unlimited amount of cash. I could certainly drop the cash and buy a high-quality knife that will probably last me a lifetime. However, I'd just as soon buy a $20 TV special that works well enough for my needs and spend the difference on food.


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