Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Middle Class Wine: Moscato

   I suppose I should clarify things first by saying that I am not saying that Moscato is a middle-class wine. What I mean is that I will be talking about middle-class price points for Moscato (or whatever wine I'm talking about at the time). For the sake of simplicity, let's call a middle-class price point for Moscato between six to fifteen dollars.
Which leaves these fine vintages right out.
     So, what is Moscato? In a word: Sweet. Sweet and fruity. That's actually two words. Three if you include "and," but you get the idea. If you have Moscato D'Asti, add "bubbly" to the description. If you're a fan of dry wines, stay far from here.

     Moscato is generally considered a dessert wine.  I agree. However, it's also quite good with spicy foods. If I'm doing any sort of Asian cooking, this wine is usually what I pair with it. I'm no wine snob; I can't give you extended descriptions of bouquet or nose or whatever. Henceforth, the MCK (what I will now use as the abbreviation for Middle-Class Kitchen) will use the following scientific and highly technical breakdown for the wine:

Smell: Fruity
Taste: Sweet, Fruity
Finish: Yes, the whole bottle
Headache the next day?: Usually not

Here are a few fine selections that are very affordable and quite tasty, at least to us. Enjoy!
Rex Goliath $6.99
Mionetto $9.99
Beviamo $14.99          

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